Owl and Fire Goddess

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I was lucky enough to have  a short window of cooler weather earlier this week so I got a few beads made. We’re now back into the mid 90’s and  haven’t had a drop of rain in about 2 weeks. Even though it was short lived, I had a fantastic torch session the other day and I absolutely love every bead that I made. I’ve listed most of them on Ebay.

Naturally with all the heat, a fire goddess was bound to appear :O)

“Fire Goddess”

I was also trying to spend some time  working on faces, I’ve got big plans in that direction, if only I’d get a bit more time to play. This owl turned out so well, I’m really pleased. I have a few other face beads that I’ll show in the next day or two.

“Owl  Totem”

And here’s a new goddess that will show up on Ebay sometime this evening. I call her Venus.


When I get the others photographed I’ll show them. Hope you all have a nice weekend, stay  cool!


Sea Daisy and Cosmos

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Just a quickie to let you know about the beads I just listed on Ebay.

Here is Sea Daisy…

And Cosmos…

Today is also the birthdate of the amazing Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, I’m having lots of visitors to the blog today as a result. I featured her on one of my Inspirational Monday posts several months ago, so welcome everyone, thank you for visiting!

What’s up?

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…well, other than the mercury, not too much this week. We’re having a real steamer this week, I’m not looking forward to it, I can tell you. I’m pretty sure I could bake bread in my studio so I’ll be avoiding it for the next few days.

I do have a few auctions running at the moment though, here’s a peek:

” Black Tulip”

If no one bids on this one and I am forced to keep it, I gotta say, I won’t  be too disappointed, it’s a beauty :O)

“Forest Spirit”


I mentioned  in my newletter that our old car was falling apart and we made the monumental decision to buy a brand new car, neither of us has ever owned a new car before so it was a scary decision, but we’re both tired of playing the, “I really hope this car isn’t a total piece of shit” game every time we have to buy a used one.

We wanted a small car which gets great mileage, something that is as environmentally-friendly as we  could get (I know, there’s really no such thing when your talking about a car, but we made an effort!). So we ended up buying a Renault Twingo, I’m not sure if they are available in the US but they are fairly popular over here. Here it is…

It’s hard to tell from pictures but it’s a tiny car, although the way it’s designed, it feels much bigger than cars that actually are bigger than it is, I guess it’s kind of like the Tardis effect :O)

Anyway, I LOVE this car, here’s hoping I can still say that in 10 years.

Sea Snake and Mulberry

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Hope you all are enjoying  your weekend. It’s hot as hell here, not the best torch weather, I hope it  cools pretty soon.

Here’s the latest on Ebay.

“Sea Snake” (side  1)

“Sea Snake” (side2)


Back to the Daily Grind…

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Well, for my husband at least… vacation is over he’s back to work today. We had a really nice and restful 2 weeks, we made a number of trips to Hannover which was nice. We found a beautiful Yamaha classical guitar for me, we checked out the only vegan restaurant in Hannover which is called The Loving Hut which seems to be part of a worldwide chain, sort of Asian inspired vegan fast food…it wasn’t too bad, wel,l except for the coffee…the coffee SUCKED…really sucked, it was instant (?!?!!) Other than that, for fast food, it was pretty ok.

On another trip we visited the botanical gardens, they were beautiful and peaceful as always.

I also managed to get my taxes finished, finally!

So today I’m catching up on computer stuff, packing up some beads for shipping, doing some house cleaning and then tomorrow I’m back in the bead hut :O)

Here are the lastest up on Ebay…

Latest Beads

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Here’s what I’ve listed during the past few days.

On Etsy…

On Ebay…

Have a nice weekend!


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I’m still working my butt off trying to get all of these beads ready for listing, I’m about half way through now. I just listed a few for Ebay. Pele is already running, the WaterBearer starts tonight and DarkMoon starts Tuesday evening pst.

Peer starts vacation this Thursday so I’ll probably take a few days off once I get everything listed. We want to visit Hannover and check out springtime in the beautiful botanical garden there. We’re also going guitar shopping, I want to buy a classical guitar just for me. I’m currently using an old, VERY old, beat up, VERY beat up, Höfner. It’s been in my husband’s family for at least 40 years and was used by three children as a beginner’s guitar as they first learned to play. It was also played by a few dogs, was accidentally bashed into a few pieces of furniture, and has numerous battle scars to prove it. The top E string buzzes like a bee and the G string sounds like its being played underwater….it’s had a long full life and now I think it is time to retire :O)