Inspirational Monday: Jeanie Tomanek and a Few New Beads

I haven’t posted an inspirational image in a while!


Jeanie Tomanek is a favorite artist of mine. Her work is an exploration of the Feminine archetype, often inspired by poems, literature, folktales and myth. Her paintings have a very ethereal dream-like quality. Her women are pale, white and ghostly, they often bare scars and imperfections which, Jeanie explains in her bio, symbolize the struggle to become. Her work might seem dark to some, but I think her work is quite powerful, one could meditate on the imagery in a manner similar to that used with Tarot cards, the themes are deep and meaningful.

I chose this image because it so aptly expresses for me some feelings that I’ve been experiencing lately, the stirrings of new life (no, I’m not pregnant!) and hidden potential (creative ideas) that is very near the surface. It also perfectly expresses the unseen events of winter and the spring to come, the hidden and powerful potential lying just beneath the surface of the lifeless, cold and hard earth.The struggle that this new life endures as it reaches for the world of light just above…

If you’d like to see more of her work you will find a large online gallery on her website, here.


Here are some of my latest beads on Ebay!

“Dreaming of the Sun”

“Desert Daisy”

“Gourd Venus”

So that’s all the beady goodness that I have for you today. More tomorrow!


~ by lavendercreek on November 15, 2010.

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