Black Marble Set and Hot Tip!

TGIF everyone! Thank goodness, this week has felt kind of stressful for some reason, it really wasn’t, just felt like it… I’m glad the weekend is finally here.

I’ve got a couple new beads to show you and also a hot tip, something that I’ve been dealing with for several months now. Ok first the tip :O)

When I began lampworking nearly 6 years ago I, like many beginning lampworkers, began by organizing and storing my glass rods with rubberbands to hold them together. DON’T do this…NEVER do this!

As many of my fellow lampworkers have found out the hard way, rubberbands dissolve over the years and what you will find one day, is that they become like partially chewed gummy bears and they weld themselves onto your glass. This is really gross and will cost you valuable time scrubbing and de-gumming your glass. Save yourself the heartache and the headache and use pony tail bands instead. Those  will last forever and won’t make a total MESS of your glass.

I got this tip from my Aunt Susan who was horrified to see the state of my Reichenbach rods. She worked on them  for hours…thank you Auntie!


Ok, onto the beads!

First a focal set I just listed on Etsy.

Black Marble


And last but not least …Ned the Naughty…you’ll find this mischievous little Christmas elf up on Ebay this evening.

Ned the Naughty

Ok, that’s it for today!






~ by lavendercreek on November 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Black Marble Set and Hot Tip!”

  1. MUST have been a climatic effect somehow – I crashed my husbands car, got flashed at a red light for starting to roll, etc etc…what a luck week is over !

    Love the marbled set! And Santa is scary :-)))

  2. Teresa, the elf is tdf, I love him … and …. LOL … I had a lot of chewing gum ☺ on my rods too some years ago eeeeeeeeeek.
    Have a wonderful weekend, ♥ Manuela

  3. Hey Bea, sorry to hear about your car crash, I hope that was not too much damage to yourself or your husband’s car! Sorry also that the Ned scared you, he’s really just a big softie :O)

  4. Hi Manu, I knew there must be lots of others with gummi bears glued to their glass rods…lol! I’m glad you like Ned, I figure people will either love him or hate him :O)

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