Old Man Holly

Hope you all had a great weekend. I spent much of it playing Mahjong, it’s about all I had the energy for. Even the cats were laying around like dead things in this heat. Luckily I like Mahjong so it wasn’t that bad, but there were other things I would have rather been doing.

I do have a few beads to show you though. I’m working on a new series…tree and plant spirits. I’ve always wanted to do that but didn’t really have the skills to capture the faces like I wanted to. I feel like after 5 years of lampworking, I can slowly begin moving in that direction :O)

So, this is the first official tree spirit bead, I am sure they will evolve and change as I work with them. This one I had intended to be Rowan, but as I worked on him, I could see that he wasn’t turning out to be Rowan, and besides, quite honestly, when I think of the spirit of rowan, to me it would definitely be feminine. At this point though, I feel much more comfortable and capable of creating masculine faces. From a sculpting point of view, while I find the female body much more interesting, when it comes to faces, I much prefer masculine. I mean geez, there is so much more there to be expressive with, or at least easily expressive with, like eyebrows, beards and mustaches. That’s probably not really true, but for me right now, it feels that way. I will work on female faces too, but it might take me a while to become comfortable with it.

Another aspect that I find difficult is the foliage. You would think that would be the easy part but not for me. The scale is so small that it becomes really difficult  to keep the detail. I just need to practice though and eventually I’ll get it. So anyway, here is Old Man Holly, he is up on Ebay!

“Old Man Holly”


I’ve also listed a pretty little turquoise goddess in the Willendorf style…



~ by lavendercreek on July 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Old Man Holly”

  1. You underestimate yourself my dear! That face has so much character, and stories in it!

  2. incredible-i’m a jewelry maker and i LOVE your beads. really inspirational. I specialize in creek glass jewelry, kinda similar to beach glass but more rare.

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