New Design…Water Spirit

Over the past few years I’ve been working on a loose series of designs which incorporate my idea of nature spirits, guardians and totems. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to capture them exactly as I see them in my mind, it just wouldn’t work in bead form. Maybe if I ever learn how to sculpt off-mandrel, I could do it, I’d have much more freedom and endless possibilites without having to consider a bead hole all the time. Til then though I’ll just keep working to bring them out the best way that I can. I tried a new design a few days ago, one that I’ve been meaning to try for quite some time. This one feels quite masculine and is certainly connected to water. Perhaps the spiritus loci at the mouth of a mountain stream, or river. That’s how I see him anyway. I like him quite a lot, he has a different feel than, for instance, the forest guardians do. You can find him on Ebay along with Gourd Woman :O)

“Water Spirit”

“Gourd Woman”

Today I’m working in the house, mostly on the computer. I’ve got 2 new beads to get ready for Ebay, a ton of email to answer and I haven’t even started working on my taxes (which I should have done quarterly last year but got side-tracked as usual :O) ). I’ll be leaving for the UK in just 4 weeks and I have so much to do! I still need to visit a travel agent and book my trip, I’ll do that beginning of next week. I need to get new glasses and visit the dentist, I’ll be doing that tomorrow. I have nightmares about getting to another country and THEN having an abscessed tooth or something equally unpleasant. I’ve got a tooth in the very back that has been giving me trouble for months and I’ve been sort of ignoring it….my teeth hate me, it is just the sort of thing they would do :/

Oh! And I want to buy a carrying case for my beads, not that I go anywhere all that often, but when I do I should look like a professional right? Well, up til now I’ve always carried them around in a small velvet sack, individually wrapped in a small ziplock baggies….kinda tacky I know and not really the best protection for them either. Someone told me about these nifty little cases that are made for carrying little gaming figurines, it should be perfect!

I found a shop in Hameln that has one, only 40 Euro and it holds 108 pieces. I can’t imagine a time when I will ever have 108 beads to carry with me but you never know. They also have a case that carries 216 for the ambitious beadmakers out there :O)

Ok, I need to get busy. I’ll have pics of the new auctions for you tomorrow morning.


~ by lavendercreek on March 17, 2010.

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