Guardians, Shamans and Goddesses

It’s been a very otherworldly week for me so far :O)

I had a great day in the studio yesterday  and in general, I’m really happy with my increased productivity, my muse has been whispering in my ear alot lately for which I am grateful. It’s such a bad and lonely feeling when she is away and I’ve had my share of that during the past several months.

I seem to be thriving on precision…on the small details, on perfect color and shape. I’m trying to let myself relax when it comes to symmetry but that part is hard for me, I can’t seem to let go of the need for perfect alignment…I’m trying. I am trying to work smaller in certain respects, not so much in overall bead size but in detail…smaller yet more intricate… I’m taking alot of pleasure in this right now.

Anyway, I listed a new auction last night, something a bit different, although similar to my totem owls. I like the look so I hope there will be more along these lines.I enjoy the eyes and eyebrows on these beads which can be so expressive!

forestguardianfront“Forest Guardian”

And getting a jump on the day, I’m posting these two here on the blog a bit early but they won’t be up on Ebay until a bit later in the day.

ffgoddess1-10-13-09“Aurora Borealis”

mask1-10-13-09“Cosmic Shaman”

Is the black mask on this guy too Batman-esque? I hope not, but I will admit that, just for a moment, Batman did cross my mind (well actually it was Zorro who crossed my mind, but who the heck still remembers!). Sorry, I probably just stuck that image into your mind too. Ok, lets all just forget about it shall we?


~ by lavendercreek on October 13, 2009.

One Response to “Guardians, Shamans and Goddesses”

  1. I love the way the eyes seem to be glowing from within in your “Cosmic Shaman.” You are such an inspiration!

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